Can I Get a
Loan Against My Car?

And Still Drive It?

Getting Started

The reason so many people in South Africa turn to Woza Cash for a loan against their cars is because it is so easy to get.

Banks and traditional financial institutions require reams of paperwork and countless hours for approval, whereas a car pawn loan is done and dusted in under 30 minutes.

To get started call, email or fill out the short form.

A Woza Cash representative will contact you to answer any questions you have. Once satisfied, visit a car pawn loan office near you and get a free assessment.

How Much Can I Loan?

Your car dictates how much you can loan.

You can’t loan an amount for more than your car value at assessment, but we do loan up to R500,000.

To get a free loan offer visit a nearby office and your car will be assessed for…

  • Make & Model
  • Total Mileage
  • Overall Condition
  • Blue Book Trade-In Value

You will then be given an amount you can get a loan for.

Can I keep my car?

The most common question we get asked is…

“Can I get a loan against my car and keep it?”

The short answer is YES!

There are two loan types available…

1. Pawn to Stay

This loan requires you to leave your car with us in our secured storage facility.

The loan interest repayment is slightly lower as there is less risk for us.

The down side for you is you have no car, a good option if you have more than one car of course.

2. Pawn to Drive

This is by far the most popular option.

You can pawn your car and still drive it.

The loan repayment interest rate is a little higher but you get to keep your car.

In order to qualify for the pawn to drive option, we need to install a GPS unit in your car.

This installation is done on premise whilst you wait by a professional and only takes a few minutes.

We understand you may already have a GPS unit in your car, but we need to install our own for tracking purposes – protecting the asset you understand.

Visit a car pawn loan shop near you to get started.

Can I pawn a financed car?

No, you cannot pawn a financed car. 

Why not?

Because you don’t own the car, the bank does.

You can’t get a loan against an asset you don’t own.

You require a fully paid-up clean title to get a car pawn loan.

We understand that you may only own less than what the car is worth and thus there is “liquidity” in the car to get a loan against, but the car ultimately still belongs to the bank.

Do I need a job?

One of the most important reasons people need to get a loan against their car is because they lost their job.

So yes, you can get a loan against your car even without a job.

Other reasons people get loans against their cars include:

  • Untimely Car Repairs
  • Hospital Bills
  • School Fees
  • Funeral Costs
  • Vacation Expenses

If you find yourself in any of these situations and need cash fast, get a loan against your car today and still drive it!


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Getting started is easy. Contact us via telephone, email, online form or visit a car pawn loan office near you.


After your car is assessed and you want to proceed, provide basic paperwork and you'll be approved in under 30 minutes.


On approval you will get money paid into your local bank account instantly, giving you financial relief before leaving our office.