How to Get a
Car Pawn Loan Fast

And Still Keep Your Car!

How it Works

Are you looking for a way to raise cash in a hurry without all the fuss of going to a bank or filling out endless documents, only to be denied?

The fastest way by far is with a car pawn loan, where you can have money in your account in under 30 minutes – even if you have bad credit!

What’s more, you get to keep your car.

That’s right!

No need to leave your car until the loan is repaid.

That’s incredibly inconvenient as you need your car for work, shopping runs and day-to-day chores, right?

With a Pawn to Drive car pawn loan from WozaCash you get the best of both worlds, cash in your account and wheels to go!


What type of cars do we accept?

That’s probably one of the most popular questions we get, and the truth is, any car with a value of R50,000 or more.

You can have a hatchback or a sedan, a SUV or a bakkie – we accept them all and will give you a short term asset loan against their value – fast!

(We’ll even accept motorcycles and farm equipment)

All you need to do is bring your vehicle to us and get a free assessment, then choose to accept or decline the car pawn loan offer.

It’s effortless.

Of course you need to provide proof of ownership on a fully paid-up car, but those are formalities with the correct paperwork.

The car needs to full paid-up as you can’t legally get a loan against an asset you don’t own outright. The car also needs to be in your name, because you can’t pawn somebody else’s car of course.


The other burning question we get asked is, how much money can I get with a car pawn loan?

The short answer is up to R500,000.

But this depends on your vehicle.

(You can’t loan an amount for more than the price of your car)

Your car is assessed for the following

  • Make and model
  • Overall condition
  • Kilometres driven
  • Market Value

You’re then given an amount you can loan instantly on approval.

Once accepted and approved, a GPS unit will be placed on your vehicle and you are good to go.

It’s important to note that we require our own GPS unit in addition to any you may have.

This is obviously for the safety of the asset you have used in order to raise money.

This installation is quick and done on premises.

After successful installation you are good to go.

The money will be in your account before you leave, via an instant money transfer to any local bank.


Lastly, how long are the loan terms?

That’s another common question we get asked.

A car pawn loan is a short term asset loan, typically 30 to 60 days.

Longer terms can be arranged by speaking to a friendly expert.

But for the most part you can bank on a 30-60 day loan period.


There can be no question a car pawn loan is one of the fastest ways to raise money.

You need to decide in advance how much money you need and are you confident you can make the repayment is the time given – although extension periods are available.

With a pawn to stay loan you need to leave your car in our secure facility, with a pawn to drive loan you get to keep your car!

The pawn to drive option is by far the most popular and only requires proof of ownership, a paid-up title and a GPS unit installed to qualify.

The entire process from start to finish is typically under 30 minutes.

Money is paid instantly to any local bank account.

For more information or to get started, complete the loan offer for below.


By submitting my details, I authorise WozaCash and its affiliates to contact me by email, phone or text using the information I provided, and acknowledge that I have requested to be contacted for the purpose of getting a free asset loan quote.



Get your free assessment and find out how much you could loan against the value of your car with a professional asset pawn loan.


Once you accept the loan amount, get approved by visiting the office nearest you and completing the paper work .


Once all documents are signed you will get cash in your account instantly. The entire car pawn loan process can take less than 30 minutes!